Policy Agreement

Night Owl Stickers Installation Agreement 
  1. Night Owl Stickers is NOT Responsible for any pre-existing damage to the vehicle, including paint peeling, rock chips, scratches, and any thin/poorly painted area.   
  2. I understand Plastic trims, Rubber/Silicone Seals, Rubber material, and Pinch Welds cannot be wrapped over.  
  3. I understand Seams and Inlays on the material may be necessary and we do our best to avoid any unnecessary seams.
  4. I understand that vehicle disassembly is done with extreme care and Night Owl Stickers is not responsible for any damages such as marring, scratches, clips, or tabs that may occur during the removal of panels or trims.  
  5. I understand that weak factory paint and improper wrap removal can lift off paint during wrap removals in the future. NightOwl Stickers in not liable for any damages occurred from wrap removal.
  6. I understand if the vehicle is Ceramic coated or has paint protection film applied, that wrapping over it will not be covered under warranty unless removed. 
  7. I understand if any extra labor needs to be added (Wrap Removal, PPF Removal, Extra Cleaning due to sap or hard to remove residue, the price of labor (100$/Hr) will be added to the invoice. 
  8. I understand if the vinyl bubbles or peels due to repainted surfaces or poor finish on the exterior paint the 1-year warranty is not valid for those surfaces and NightOwl Stickers is not liable.  
  9. I understand the estimated time frame is not a guaranteed time frame we do our best to follow all deadlines and communicate thoroughly if not.  
  10. Night owl stickers will not release the vehicle until the invoice is paid in full after completion.
  11. Leaving the vehicle after the completion date agreed upon may be charged 50$ per day if not communicated within 24-48 hours of the completion date.  
  12. Night Owl Stickers is not liable for any legal issues from tint applied to vehicles lights or markers.


Product & Shipping Policy

Night Owl Stickers LLC is not responsible for any products that are damaged or lost in transit. If there is an issue with the shipment please file a claim with the shipment carrier and present them with the packaging.

All decal orders will be processed and fulfilled within 2-7 business days prior to shipping. Orders are not shipped on weekends or holidays. If we are receiving heavy work orders, shipments may be delayed by an additional few days. 

If your order is sent back to NightOwlStickersLLC it is not our responsibility and customer must pay additional shipping cost to resend package once received at our location.


Customers agree to all of our terms and conditions listed on our website @ www.NightOwlStickers.com once payment is accepted.