STEK DynoShield Platinum 10-Year Paint Protection Film

NightOwl Stickers are a Certified installer for STEK Paint Protection Films.

Why use STEK DynoShield Platinum 10-year Paint Protection Film?

  1. DynoShield is the most optically clear paint protection film available in the industry.
  2. This clarity is possible since the top layer of the film is not laminated on, but instead is liquid coated and then machine leveled leaving an ultra-slick and high-gloss finish.
  3. Dynoshield's top coating has extreme hydrophobic properties avoiding the need to ceramic coat the film and ease the cleaning process.
  4. Dynoshield is self-healing against minor scratches and scuffs when exposed to sunlight. The liquid top layer has self-leveling properties that laminates cannot achieve.
  5. DynoShield is a 10-year Warranty film and has extreme UV Resistance to reduce and avoid yellowing and discoloration of the film.
  6. STEK has exceptional customer service and their North American headquarters is located locally in Woodinville WA.


Full Coverage Front Paint Protection Kit (Bumper, Hood, Fenders, Mirrors, Door Cups) $1600-2200


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