STEK DynoShield Platinum 10-Year Paint Protection Film

Is paint protection right for you?

  • Paint Protection is a great choice for those wanting to protect their new vehicle investment to defend against the elements, rock chips, and more.
  • STEK DynoShield is a 10-year paint protection film that provides top of the line self-healing properties.
  • Dynoshield is a anti-yellowing film and the ceramic layer ensures an ease of cleaning. This keeps unwanted debris from embedding in and staining the films top layer.

Price ranges between vehicles, please give us a call at 360-742-3755 or Email us for a exact quote!


Pricing -

  • Full Coverage Front Paint Protection Kit - (Covers entire surface of Hood, Fenders, Bumper + Mirrors & Door cups) $1600-2200
  • Half-Front Paint Protection Kit - (Covers 18-24" of hood and fenders with full bumper coverage + Mirrors & Door cups) - $800-$1000