Automotive Window Tinting

We offer standard Carbon-dye tint & newer Nano-Ceramic tint for vehicles year 2000 and newer.

The benefits of Ceramic window tint over standard Carbon-dye tint is that the infrared heat rejection is nearly double due to the extra nano-ceramic layer. This keeps your interior surfaces cooler and reducing overall ambient temperatures drastically during the summer.

The Ceramic tint contains higher-quality polyester and nano-ceramic layer that increases overall optical clarity (Reducing low angle haze) over the standard Carbon tint.

All Window Tint jobs will include a Life-Time Warranty for adhesive defects, failures, color fade, and bubbling.

Services Offered:

Full Vehicle Tinting (All Side and Rear window glass) - Starting at $250

Front two windows (Driver & Passenger front windows)

Window Tint Removal (100$hr + re-tint cost)

Vehicle Tint darkness is determined by VLT%(Visible Light Transmission) lower the percentage the darker the tint will be.

We carry a variety of film percentage ranging from 5%/20%/35%/50%/70% to get you the best possible match for what you are looking for.


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